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Adam proposes to Lizzie :)

Sorry about the delay, it’s not due to lack of work but due to excessive work 😛 I finally got a minute to sit down and share with you the session Tiffany and I did sniper style for my good buddy Adam Packard of For All Moments Photography. Back in the end of April, he called me and asked if I would document his proposal that he was going to do for girlfriend Lizzie. I was more than happy to oblige as I have been wanting to do one of these sessions forever. Tiffany and I went and hid in a couple of locations at the SLC Temple grounds and anxiously waited. It was a very emotional proposal and I think I was crying just as much as Adam and Lizzie. I am so excited that Adam is attending my wedding workshop this month. Anyways, here is a small preview of the proposal. Congratulations Adam and Lizzie 🙂 I’m glad I was there to document this very special moment for you two 🙂