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My Secret Project . The Vow Renewal Rock Mineral Fossil Bouquet

As many of you know, this year is mine and Tiffany’s 10 year wedding anniversary. When we were married, we were young, broke, and got married last minute and missed out on the opportunity to have a first dance, cake cutting, having a real wedding dress, etc. So for years we have talked about doing a huge vow renewal party for our ten year and well here we are.

As you’ve seen on Facebook, We have been collecting a ton of antique brooches to put together an amazing bouquet and as soon as we are done designing and putting that together we will post the finished pictures here. You also know on Facebook I mentioned I was obsessed and working on a secret side project for Tiffany and I’m happy to announce it’s finally completed. I call it the vow renewal bouquet haha. Now before you check out the pictures below please read why this project means so much to me and her. There are some symbolic and sentimental things that go along with my choice of items that made the bouquet. Get ready for some scientific nerd talk but hopefully it will shed some light on why this project fits us so well.

First of all, as you have seen in a previous blog post, I have loved collecting rocks, minerals, and fossils since my amazing 8th grade science teacher Mrs. Nelson sparked my passion. During our dating years, Tiffany and I went down to Topaz Mountain in Utah and searched for topaz crystals and spent all day in the heat digging for the treasured crystals. We would often frequent rock stores and gem shows and bought several specimens together over the years. Even recently we took our 4 kids to Thanksgiving Point to dig for Trilobites and they loved it. They are always bringing rocks home from school to give me so I can add them to my rock cabinet. We all enjoy them and I am still amazed that someone as beautiful as Tiffany accepts me for the nerdy science geek I am and actually enjoys rocks as much as I do.

So since Brooch bouquets are gaining in popularity and I fell in love with a brooch bouquet one of my brides Tess made for her wedding, I wanted to make one for Tiffany as well. As we were shopping one Sunday a few weeks ago we saw a brooch with a gemstone in it and it got my brain turning. Thus was born my secret project and something I have never seen done at any wedding and even google yielded no results.

Now let me get to the symbols and reasoning of why the rock mineral and fossil bouquet I created for Tiffany is more than just a fun project and why it represents not only our personalities but also our history together.

First of all I put in the bouquet some of the most beautiful mineral specimens we have collected together over the years. I liken the crystals to our relationship in the sense of how they were created and formed. Take for instance a geode. On the outside it just looks like a normal rock. But break open that same rock and look in the heart of it and you will find some beautiful crystals. Crystals that need just the right combination of water, chemicals, and pressure to produce the crystals inside. Tiffany and I have had pressure and been through changes and many trials, but we also had just the right combinations of love and commitment to turn our relationship over the years from something ordinary to having something very beautiful together. When others would have called it quits when facing such heat and pressure, Tiffany and I bonded together and pushed on. Turning our relationship from an ordinary everyday one, to something unique and beautiful when looked at from the inside.

Another symbolism with the different specimens are their chemical compositions. Take for instance the element Carbon. Both Diamonds and Graphite are made entirely of the element Carbon, however ask anybody which they would prefer and if they are smart they will answer Diamonds 99 out of 100 times. But how does each start with carbon and end up two entirely different things? Since Diamond is igneous in origin, it is associated with high temperature and high pressure. Compared to that graphite is a low temperature and low pressure product. So by going through much more pressure and trial, it forms something priceless. Tiffany and I have been together now for 14 years this year and because we have weathered intense heat and pressure just like the Diamond, we are that much stronger together. Did you know Diamond is one of the hardest minerals with a hardness of 10 on Mohs hardness scale. None of the other mineral specimens can cut diamonds or break it’s bond.

Let me tell you the defining moment when I knew our relationship was made of Diamonds and not Graphite. We were struggling financially and barely making bills and I was feeling like a failure as a provider to my wife and children. I was doubting her love for me and my ability to make her happy and I asked her one day, what if we never recover financially and we lose our house and I can’t ever provide for you guys. Tiffany told me that even if we lost everything that it didn’t matter because she would still love me and we would still have each other. In a world where so much divorce is caused by financial strain, I am so happy knowing that what Tiffany and I have together go beyond any material possessions or earthly things. She will love me with all of her heart even if we drive a beat up minivan and live in a small house as long as we are together. We don’t have all the riches of the world but together we are the richest people alive.

Also in the bouquet you will see a few trilobite and ammonite fossils. Fossils contain history. Manifestations from the past. Imprints of their existence engrained in layers of sediment. Tiffany and I have shared so many memories together, and each memory we create together forms a layer of sediment and impressions in my heart that I love to dig up daily. One of my favorite memories with Tiffany was when we went to Ireland for 11 days and explored the whole island together. It was our first time ever overseas and we had the time of our lives. We flew over and spent a day in Paris while we were in Ireland. It was new and adventurous going to new countries together and seeing the history each country had that dated way back further than anything we had seen here in the US. Seeing unique things together and sharing that together, it means the world to me that we have each other and both of us want to grow old together with a desire to create these amazing lasting memories just like the fossils.

Anyways, I feel like I’m rambling now and hope I was able to convey the symbols and sentiment behind the bouquet and hope that my heart translated well into text. It seems things always sound better in my mind and as soon as I go to say them they suffer a creative heart attack and die a slow painful death haha. Please leave your feedback on what you think of the bouquet. I love getting comments on the blog 🙂

Rock Mineral Fossil Bridal Bouquet UniquePINRock Mineral Fossil Bridal Bouquet UniquePIN